• Dijlah Village Complex

Dijlah Village Complex

Design and implementation of professional sound systems for the double-decker gymnasium and swimming pool using loudspeakers from Electro-Voice, powered by the digital array system PLM-8M8 from Bosch and the eight-channel CPS8 series 5 amplifier from the Electro-Voice in addition to Yamaha amplifier, Shure microphones and a Proel audio cables.



In addition to designing and implementing the sound system for the first dancing fountain project in Iraq and the Ballroom sound system using the latest international technologies by high-fidelity speakers from the Electro-Voice, and linking them to the MXE5 digital array system from Dyncord, and the sound distributor from Yamaha, and the digital transmitters, the required antennas to transmit the signal, and the microphones from Shure.

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